Monday, July 8, 2013

Young Teachers

It seems to me that schools want to hire young teachers and disregard more experienced teachers.

I would like to know exactly why.

Is it because young teachers are cheaper?  If so, I would work for a first year teacher's salary.

Is it because young teachers don't question authority?  If so, perhaps that's a reason some schools still struggle.  It takes a team of educators to teach a child.  If only one is allowed to apply his ideas, some children will be left behind.

Is it because young teachers relate to students better?  If so, ask your colleagues who their favorite teacher was.  I would be it was an older teacher, not a young one.

One question I never get asked on interviews is, "How well do you connect to students?"  This despite research indicating that students in poorly performing schools want teachers who care.

Any teacher can care (or not).  Young teachers do not have the market on that.  And, one day, young teachers won't be young anymore.

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